Are you ready to have relief from your chronic pain?

Are you suffering from nagging pain that just isn't going away? Is the pain interrupting your sleep? Do you have frequent headaches? Does your shoulder ache or are you experiencing shooting pain going down your leg? Do you have repetitive movements or positions that you are holding for extended periods of time in your job?

I'm Laurie Kessen and I am a licensed massage therapist and physical therapist assistant. The main focus of my practice is helping you improve, if not abolish, the chronic pain you've been dealing with. I believe that persistent pain is an inevitable effect of ongoing compensations, muscle imbalances, and improper movement patterns. Usually this happens after an injury or from overusing muscles. I can help.

What Makes Rebalance Massage Therapy Different?

With a background in physical therapy and a solid foundation of anatomical knowledge, I bring a unique blend of expertise and understanding that sets the foundation for a transformative wellness experience.

The manual therapy treatment that I have found to be most effective for treating chronic pain is called the MyoKinesthetic System. This is not the kind of massage treatment that helps you feel better for 2 or 3 days and then the pain comes back. This technique is a type of bodywork that treats the root cause of your pain. It works with and reeducates your nervous system to correct compensation and dysfunctional movement patterns. This technique gets you back to the best alignment for your body.

Besides pain, misaligned posture can cause or contribute to a whole host of problems, such as numbness and tingling, joint stiffness, chronic headaches, etc. Using the MyoKinesthetic technique, your body's alignment will improve and you will have less aching and pain. Your range of motion will improve so, for example, if you have a shoulder problem, you will be able to reach a higher shelf without pain.

These improvements will take a few treatments. The first few sessions should be performed fairly closely together (i.e. 3 or 4 treatments within the first week) until your body learns to "hold" the improvements. A MyoKinesthetic treatment can be combined with a massage therapy session. The MyoKinesthetic treatment can be performed at the beginning of the session to improve your alignment and then massage therapy can be used to relax your chronically overused muscles. You will be feeling better in no time!

Here is a recent client testimonial:

Rebalance Massage Therapy Services

MyoKinesthetic treatments are recommended for prolonged, troublesome, chronic muscle pain and dysfunction.

Therapeutic massage is great for athletic recovery, injury prevention, maintenance, stress relief and general well-being.

"Laurie has been incredibly helpful for my chronic pain. You can tell she’s very experienced at what she does, and she cares about getting to the bottom of the problem and helping you feel better. I am so appreciative of the support she has given me through this healing process. I highly recommend her if you are experiencing pain and need support getting your body to feel right again." - Taylor Moncrieff

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