Information about the MyoKinesthetic (MYK) System

What the heck is the MyoKinesthetic System?

The easiest way to let you know is to let the inventor of the system, Dr. Michael Uriarte, tell you about it:

If you are still interested and would like to read more about it, here you go...

MYK helps people who are living with pain and mobility issues. The MyoKinesthetic System is a soft tissue technique that corrects imbalances in the nervous system. Problems in the nervous system affect all other systems. By performing a postural assessment, I look for imbalances in your body. For example, one hip may be higher than the other or one scapula may be rotated upwards. By looking at these postural cues, I use the MyoKinesthetic System to identify which nerve root level has the most imbalances. By putting stimulation into specific muscles we can send messages to your nervous system to balance your alignment, relieving pain and restoring mobility.

What conditions can the MYK technique help?

These are a few of the common conditions that I have been able to help using the MYK technique:

  • low back pain

  • sciatic pain

  • shoulder problems (i.e. frozen shoulder, rotator cuff pain, impingement)

  • knee pain

  • headaches

  • neck pain

  • radiculopathy

    *There are many more conditions that MYK can help with such as acid reflux, peripheral neuropathy and TMJ pain. I have had clients with fibromyalgia and scoliosis that have found relief with MYK. If you are curious whether MYK might help you, please call me for a free phone consultation at 360-201-6737!

Is MYK a massage?

Some people have called it a "moving massage". MYK treatment involves placing a stimulation into muscles innervated by a specific nerve as those muscles are stretched passively and actively. MYK aims to "tinker" with the nervous system in a very specific way to cause muscle length and postural changes.

When should I try MYK?

- If you have pain, numbness, tingling, limited range of motion, or posture that is not aligned. 

- If you have tried other treatments but still have the problem.

- If you have a condition that limits you from doing activities you enjoy.

- If you have insidious muscle or joint pain (a gradual onset of pain without a known cause), try an MYK treatment before getting expensive tests and procedures done (i.e. x-rays, MRI, ultrasound, cortisone shots, stem cell injections, etc.)

Ideally, the earlier you start treatments, the better so it's best to begin as you realize that symptoms are not resolving on their own. The sooner you start MYK treatments, the fewer sessions it will take to get you back into alignment.

What can I expect at an MYK treatment?

At your first appointment, we will go over your symptoms and I will do a postural assessment to determine which nerve root level is causing the imbalance. Some treatments are quite short, some are longer, depending on which nerve root is involved (for example, the L1 nerve root innervates 10 muscles but S1 innervates 34 muscles). The treatments consist of repeated muscle movements that are specific to the muscles innervated by the affected nerve root. Some of the movements will be passive and some of the movements will be active.

How many visits will I need and how frequently will I need them?

Most people will need 10-12 treatments, some less, others more based on how long they have had the symptoms, age, other medical conditions, etc. The MYK protocol recommends 4 visits in the first week and 2 visits the second week for the quickest results. I have done 2 visits the first week with good success but improvement will take longer. Your body has to “learn to hold” the changes and it takes time to correct the postural abnormalities.  The longer your body is able to hold the improved postures, the faster the treatment days can be spread out.  

Do I need other massage therapy visits in addition to the MYK treatments?

It depends! Some people are pleased just to have their pain and mobility resolved. Others want to get back to running, playing tennis, gardening, etc. After an injury or surgery, muscles are weakened, joints are stiff, and proprioceptors are affected. As a result, clients sometimes develop abnormal movement patterns. The MYK treatments address all these areas to a certain extent. Strengthening will help to maintain improvements. Ongoing massage therapy services may help to keep your muscles lengthened and pliable to minimize risk for re-injury.

Where can I get more information?

There is an official website for the MyoKinesthetic System where you can find case studies using MYK.

Click on the link below to be taken to the website.

By balancing the posture, we balance the nervous system. When the nervous system is balanced, the body begins to work the way it’s supposed to work with range of motion increasing and pain decreasing.”
- Michael Uriarte D.C.